By Promise Made

She wants to take off his head. He wants to win her heart.

Hugh Cullane is only delivering a simple message of betrothal to four-year-old Queen Mary of Scotland, but the queen’s guardian orders his severed head sent back to England in a jar. Katherine Payne can show no mercy to the handsome messenger, despite the way his stolen kiss unsettles her sense of duty. Trapped between the English and Scottish armies, Katherine, Mary, and Hugh are chased by men determined to murder the young queen.

“Susan Leigh Furlong breathes life into a troubled time in Scotland’s history during the reign of the infant Queen Mary. She weaves a tale full of action and intrigue, well rounded and memorable characters, as well as a tender love story.”
~Marilee Hartland Lake, author

“Susan Leigh Furlong’s well-crafted tale will sweep lovers of historical romance into sixteenth-century Scotland.”
~ Nina Barrett, author of Return of the Dixie Deb, A Man to Waste Time On, and Renegade Heart (The Wild Rose Press)

Steadfast Will I Be

The king’s law, a thief’s revenge, a love that risks it all

During the reign of James V, and a gang, led by a man with a red stain on his face, threatens all that Robin holds dear. But Robin will not let him take his home, his family, or the woman he loves. Suannoch will always carry half of the shilling she and Robin split when they pledged their devotion. When Robin is sentenced to hang, she vows to rescue him because where they have chosen, steadfast will they be.

“Set during the reign of James the V, STEADFAST WILL I BE focuses not on the intrigues of court but on the everyday happenings Scottish lairds and their subjects faced. The well-developed character arcs are intense and provide a satisfying happily ever after. A certain hit for those who love highland historical romances!”
~ Juliette Hyland, author

Tippecanoe to Tipp City – The First 100 Years

Tippecanoe to Tipp City – The First 100 Years tells the story of the growth of a small town along Lock #15 of the Miami and Erie Canal in the early 1800s. With 200 antique photographs and captions/stories, the birth of what is now Tipp City, Ohio comes to life. On the cover is the Tippecanoe volunteer fire department in their new uniforms with their new ladders, hoses, and nickel trumpets for signaling each other during a fire.

Legendary Locals of Tippecanoe to Tipp City

Legendary Locals of Tippecanoe to Tipp City is dedicated to all the people who were so busy living their lives that they didn’t know they were living history. With over 200 photographs and stories, from the first owner of the land, Robert Evans, to the town founder, John Clark, to the modern day, here is a glimpse into the lives of the people who gave their time, talent, and love to Tippecanoe and Tipp City.

Autographed Copies

Autographed copies available locally at Tipp-Monroe Community Services – 3 E. Main Street, Tipp City 937.667.8631 and or from the Tippecanoe Monroe Historical Society - 20 N 3rd St Tipp City - (937) 667-4092 and at

The Twelve Seats at the Table

The Twelve Seats at the Table – co-written with Marilee Lake. A dramatization of the disciples at the Last Supper - The setting, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper," is the upper room during the last Passover meal celebrated by Jesus and His disciples before the crucifixion. Published by Eldridge Publishing at Has been produced at various locations across the country since 1997. YouTube available at – search under The Twelve Seats at the Table – posted by Greg Taylor (There are several videos of other productions as well.)