Where do I get my ideas?

My first love is to write historical novels, especially becaude so many events from the past are astoundingly hard to believe, but are authentic. “Strange, but true” is my motto for finding that nugget to inspire a story.

It’s hard to believe that a king can be held prisoner by his stepfather, but this was true for James V of Scotland until he escaped at age sixteen and regained his throne.  This was the inspiration for STEADFAST WILL I BE. King James also roamed his kingdom in disguise to find out what his subjects thought of him, and I had him visit my hero, thus providing subsequent consequences for the plot.

In BY PROMISE MADE, the infant Queen Mary of Scots refused the betrothal offer of King Henry VIII to his young son, so Henry waged war against Scotland, killing thousands over a broken engagement. Mary was forced into hiding until she was sent to France at age five to marry the nine-year-old Dauphin. So who would protect the young queen as her enemies fought around her? Enter Kit and Hugh.

My upcoming book, now in the editing stages, FORGIVEN NEVER FORGOTTEN, tells the true story of a government-approved massacre of the MacDonald clan of Glencoe, the excuse being they were six days late in signing King Williams’ loyalty oath. My hero and heroine escape the slaughter, but must live with the consequences. The king eventually succumbed to public outcry and ordered punishment for those responsible, but no consequences were ever enforced, and the MacDonalds never even received an apology.

I love dropping my characters into a true historical situation and seeing how they survive. I might say IF they survive, but you and I both know that I insist on a happy-ever-after.

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