Hug Your Cat

Did you know that June 4 is “Hug Your Cat Day?”

I have two cats, both ten years old, Calvin and Hobbes. They are not litter mates, but they are best friends. Calvin, a mostly white Calico female, takes care of everyone while Hobbes, an orange tabby male, protects us all from the invaders that dare to come into HIS house. Both love hugs from me, but from my husband, not so much. Calvin gently nudges me with her head when she wants to be petted while Hobbes demands his turn in my lap by patting me on the chin until I tickle him behind his ears. However, hugging either of them is not an option. They both want affection on their own terms.

Studies have shown that the sound of a purring cat is good to reduce stress. Calvin has a soft, easy purr while Hobbes’ purr is deep and steady. My son had a cat with the loudest purr I have ever heard, hardly relaxing!

I adopted Calvin and Hobbes from the Humane Society Kitten Boutique at the mall. Stray cats are given their shots, neutered and spayed, and fostered until they are placed for adoption. My granddaughter and I looked over the kittens, but chose two who were alone in their cages because their siblings had all been chosen and adopted. As soon as I realized they were alone, I knew these two were coming home with me.

If you can’t hug a cat because you are allergic, you can watch cute cat videos on YouTube on June 4. It won’t be the same, but at least you’ll smile!

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