What is Opening Day like for you?

Before the pandemic, did you get out your favorite team’s jersey, wash it, and get it ready to wear to the first game? Did you look for your stadium chair stuffed under the pile of rags in the garage? Did you clean out the grill so you could tail-gate outside the stadium?

Or in this “New Normal,” are you running through the house like that guy on the commercial about the start of baseball shouting, “It’s back! It’s back!”? Are you making a quick trip to the grocery, fully masked and washing your hands thoroughly when you get back, to get some hot dogs and hamburgers to grill on your deck while you watch your favorite sport’s team on TV? Are you filling in for the lack of spectators at the golf tournament by cheering “Go in!” after every putt? Are you doing your sport watching alone instead of with the crowds of the past? What do you think about the artificially piped in sounds of those missing crowds?

My Opening Day isn’t much different. It is Wednesday, September 23, 2020 when I launch my second historical fiction book, By Promise Made, into the world of literature.

My day is filled with the same jitters and excitement, and just like a sports team, I’ve spent over a year “training” my characters to jump through the literary hoops I devise. I put all my words and sentences through repeated drills to sharpen their skills, and I took coaching from my editor and beta readers. I’m looking forward to a winning season of readers with sales and reviews!

If you want to see highlights from last season, check out my first book, Steadfast Will I Be.

Just like your favorite sports team, I’m jazzed to see By Promise Made “in the game!” I wrote a book, and I’m counting on everyone to cheer my book on! Buy it! Read it! Love it! Rah! Rah! Rah!

By Promise Made by Susan Leigh Furlong is available in e-book and paperback at all major online sellers, soon to be in bookstores.
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