WHY Do You Write? FAMILY

Regardless of what genre or style you write in, I’m certain your readers see a theme or pattern emerge. It’s how they identify what you write.  In everything I write, one theme sneaks its way in. It’s something expected, or maybe it’s unexpected, depending on how you look at it.

I always write about family. All my heroes and heroines come from strong, loving families. No matter what dangers, troubles, or situations my characters face, they endure and thrive because of their family’s love and support, and my main characters became who they are because of that extended family. At first I wasn’t aware why my characters developed that way in my mind. They just always do. So I wondered why that this sense of family is so deep in my subconscious?

Someone once asked me to think of one thing I did with my mother that we enjoyed. Believe me, I searched my memories, but I couldn’t think of a single incident. Through my entire childhood I never felt the love and acceptance that I seem so drawn to write about. As a child I could only imagine what loving security felt like, but when I write, I create exactly what I was looking for. Long before I had extensive therapy to release the rock I carried in my chest whenever I thought about my childhood, I wrote my versions of loving family units that came in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In Steadfast Will I Be, the hero, Robin, is taken in by a stranger who teaches him how to calm the demons that tortured him as a young child. My heroine, Suannoch, ferociously defends her single mother to all who might insult her. Together Robin and Suannoch take in two young boys, both orphaned by different circumstances, and the love this created family shares is constant and steadfast.

So how does family work its way in your writing? Or is there another deep seated theme that comes through in your writing? I’d love to hear from you.

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