WHY do you write? By Susan Leigh Furlong – Computers! AAAHH!

I had not intended to write about computers today, but because my heart is pounding and my frustration level is at a peak, I am venting! I have tried for three days to retrieve email from my brand new author account and get it sent to my regular email account. Using all of Google and Gmail’s “help,” resetting my password several times, and stomping my foot repeatedly, I could not make it work properly. AAAHH!!

Which leads me into WHY I write using a computer. The simple answer is that it’s the only way available in today’s world. Yes, I can use a pencil and paper, but that expends so much more of my time. Another reason I don’t use pencil and paper is that my brain works faster than my hand can write. Even though I can type a lot faster, sometimes I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say next just as I finish typing what I already wanted to say.

Computers are also the only way to get my writing “out there.” No one (or only so very few) accepts manuscripts by snail mail, and if they do, the time between sending the material and getting an answer back is at the very least quadrupled, and usually the response will be via computer anyway. The computer also allows me to reach others via my website (SusanLFurlong.com) and with this blog.

While the computer speeds up and eases the process of creating/writing, with the computer’s many quirks, frequent updates—which force me to relearn how to use it all over again—and the complicated menus, it can drive me crazy! Which my husband says is a very short trip.

So how does the computer affect your writing? I’d love to hear from you!
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