WHY do you write?

Like most writers, I have created stories since before I could even write down the words, but the question is WHY? What in me or you makes it a necessity to create with words? Other people might have similar needs, for example, to draw or paint, or to run long distances, or to travel the world, but why is it that I don’t feel my life is complete unless I write my thoughts down on paper?

The first step in exploring this necessity of mine or yours begins by exploring how we approach life. I hesitate to call it a life “philosophy” because that sounds so esoteric. I take a more practical approach. Years ago I was asked to draw a picture of how I saw myself in the world. Without giving it much thought, I drew a sun with its rays spreading out toward smaller planets, and those planets giving off rays to more planets and so on. When asked to put my drawing into words, I said my purpose was to give to others so that they could give to even more people. As an elementary school teacher, as the coach of a competitive writing team, or as a children’s choir director, this explanation fits me. I give of myself in the hopes that others will learn and share their talents with still others. It is just who I am. It’s what I do.

So how did this evolve into WHY I write? My first two books, published by Arcadia Publishing, were about the town I call home. They consist of 200 historical photographs and captions intended to preserve the history and the stories of the people of that town. In other words; to give that history to future generations.

My first historical romance book, Steadfast Will I Be, to be published on June 24, 2019, is about love surviving in a tumultuous time during the reign of King James V in Scotland. I want my readers to take away a sense of that historical period and the strength and courage it takes, then and now, to overcome adversity. I want them to be engulfed with the joy and comfort found in a love that is steadfast and constant. My hope is that these things will carry with them into other things they do in their lives.

So WHY do you write? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at susanleighfurlongauthor@gmail.com with your thoughts and comments

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